Watch This Mesmerizing Fire Tornado Spin in Slow Motion


Fire tornados (also called fire devils) are rare natural whirlwinds that occur when the flames from forest fires combine with strong swirling winds. They are not true tornadoes and only last a few minutes, but they are extremely dangerous, with temperatures up to 2000 degrees and fast, fire-spreading winds. With the unique talent to make scary things beautiful, YouTube sensation The Slow Mo Guys created a firenado in a controlled experiment using a metal bucket, kerosene, and a dozen box fans.

Almost instantly, the fans (angled in a circle and running simultaneously) create a 10-foot-tall spiral of orange fire. It looks very cool to the naked eye, but seen through the lenses of the Phantom Flex and Phantom Flex 4K cameras at 1000fps and 2500fps is a completely different experience. Obviously, we would not recommend that you try this stunt at home. Because GIFs make everything better, enjoy a few of those below, and check out the full experiment video above.