This Sprinkler Saves Water By Analyzing the Weather Forecast

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During a drought, automated sprinklers can be a particularly egregious source of water waste. The ETwater smart sprinkler, however, aims to keep lawns green and healthy while using as little water as possible.

ET stands for evapotranspiration, a term used to describe the total amount of water released into the air through evaporation from plants and soil. Using sensors, the sprinkler measures the approximate amount of water the soil can absorb and tries to deliver accordingly. It also analyzes other factors like temperature, soil type, and the degree of a lawn's slope—all of which can have an impact on how much water is actually needed—and even takes the weather forecast into account.

The more data ETwater collects, the better it performs in future. The system uses machine learning to enact smarter water usage based on the data it collects on your climate and lawn's specific needs. For parks, corporate campuses, and homeowners dedicated to maintaining the perfect lawn, the equipment and its wireless service can be leased for as little as $35 a month.

[h/t: WIRED]