Slick App Reveals All the Invisible Data Signals Around You

Shaunacy Ferro
Architecture of Radio screenshot
Architecture of Radio screenshot / Architecture of Radio screenshot

A few months ago, Dutch designer Richard Vijgen debuted the Architecture of Radio, a data visualization that illuminates the invisible world of digital networks that surround us every day. Now, his field guide to the hidden Wi-Fi signals, satellite communications, and phone networks that keep our connected world humming is available for public use as an iOS app.

The app isn’t a comprehensive view of the invisible world of signals, but it shows data from 7 million cellular towers, 19 million Wi-Fi routers, and a few hundred satellites. Based on your location, it will churn out a blueprint of the signals crossing your path. (This might be a good time to try to boost your Wi-Fi.)

Image Credit: Juuke Schoorl

The blue-and-white app looks kind of like a thunderstorm in action, as bright flashes of white, representing various signals, illuminate the screen. Even the emptiest of rooms might not look so desolate anymore once you consider the information infrastructure threading its way through space. 

The app is available for iPhone and iPad here. An Android version is due in early 2016. 

[h/t Gizmodo]