What Was the World's First Internet Purchase?

Kirstin Fawcett

If you’re taking advantage of today’s Cyber Monday sales, you’re not alone. Right now, millions of people are sitting in front of their computers, buying everything from clothing to computers online. But what was the first purchase to ever be made over the Internet?

Accounts vary. Pizza Hut says that they paved the way, selling a large pizza online in 1994. Meanwhile, The New York Times reports that a group of Stanford students bought marijuana from group of MIT students via direct message in the early 1970s. In 1984, a 72-year-old British grandmother apparently ordered groceries online. And in 1994, a man purchased a Sting CD via one of the Internet’s first ecommerce sites, NetMarket.

This begs the question: Which one of these claims is legit? The above video reveals the likely answer, explaining how a single click of a mouse launched a billion-dollar industry and revolutionized the way we shop.

All images courtesy of iStock.

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