Why These Cars Looked Like They Were Levitating on Video

Kirstin Fawcett

If you weren’t too busy fighting off a turkey-induced coma this past week, you might have seen a viral video being passed around in which two vans and a car driving through an intersection suddenly appear to float into the air before tumbling back down.

The video was posted on Live Leak and other websites, and the bizarre accident took place in Xingtai, China earlier this month. Was it paranormal activity? Were engineers taking newly designed flying cars for a secret test drive?

According to the Belfast Telegraph, the much-buzzed about phenomenon has a simple explanation: A cable or wire became tangled in a street cleaner, which formed a trip line that lifted the cars off the street. Since the video is low quality, you can’t see it—hence the strange optical illusion.

Image courtesy of YouTube. 

[h/t Belfast Telegraph]