Japan Makes Train Tracks Safer for Turtles With Underground Walkways

Rebecca OConnell

Japan's Suma Aqualife Park is a combination aquarium and beach that attracts many tourists each year. Most of them get there by train, which is conveniently situated by the water. Unfortunately, this close proximity to the beach means local turtles are at risk of crossing the tracks and getting killed. Several turtles are struck each year, causing delays, malfunctions, and damage to the trains.

To help the little shelled animals cross safely, the aquarium worked with West Japan Railway Company to build turtle tunnels. The most common cause for these accidents is a turtle getting trapped between two metal tracks. The new metal tunnels create escape routes that allow the turtles to move freely between the two sides of the train tracks. This innovative wildlife corridor has been in place since April, and at least 10 turtles have been seen using the tunnels.

[h/t: Rocket News]

Banner image via iStock