This Modified 108-Ball Nerf Gun Is Every Child's Dream Toy


What do you get when you take a classic kid's toy and place it in the hands of a skilled modder? You get something as cool and ridiculous as the Nerf Rival Zeus Mod MXV 10,800, an upgraded Nerf gun by YouTuber Outof Darts that shoots 108 balls at lightning speeds without a single reload.

Nerf modding and play has taken off as an arena sport similar to paintballing, with designated dart zones and multiple forum sites where modders can share their creations and love for the toys. Using the Nerf MKV-1200 Blaster (which already has a firing speed of 70 mph) as a base for his latest invention, Outof Darts added additional PVC tubes to the toy's existing ball-storage barrel, as well as a voltage boost circuit and a cheap blower to help the balls flow through the curved tubes and out to their target. The toy is fully automatic, which means that there is no pumping or lag between shots.

Outof Darts has gone bigger in previous videos, once showing off a proton pack attached to a blaster that gave the shooter a 270-ball capacity, but this self-contained model provides more freedom and range of motion. What the video doesn't show, however, is how long it must take to find and collect each ball after the fun part is over.