Watch This Cinematic Tribute to The Films of 2015


Every year, film editor Ben Zuk creates a supercut that pulls together some of the most memorable moments from the big screen. This year is no different. For “2015 Salute to Cinema,” Zuk manages to pack moments from 164 movies into just under seven minutes and captures the spirit of this year’s films in the process.

“With one month to go, 2015 is pretty much over and I suppose it’s never too early to start looking back and trying to make sense of it all,” Zuk explains. “I tried to tell a story about the movies of 2015, wanting to acknowledge some of the changes we’ve seen. I got 164 movies in. I’m certain I’ve forgotten someone’s favorite, but I hope I got close.”

The supercut includes visually striking moments from blockbuster hits, indie favorites, horror movies, superhero flicks, documentaries, and more. The video is beautifully edited, drawing implicit parallels between seemingly unrelated films. Check it out above, and view Zuk's supercuts dating back to the first in 2012 here.

[h/t: AV Club]

Banner Image Credit: Ben Zuk, Vimeo