Find Your Inner Mobster With This Mafia Nickname Generator

Michele Debczak
The Mob Museum via YouTube
The Mob Museum via YouTube / The Mob Museum via YouTube

While being a member of the mafia has its drawbacks, getting a cool mobster nickname is definitely one of the lifestyle's perks. Now, thanks to this online nickname generator, you can explore your mobster alter-ego without taking up a life of crime.

The nickname generator is a collaboration between The Mob Museum in Las Vegas and The Wannabe, a new mafia drama directed by and co-starring Orange is the New Black's Nick Sandow and executive produced by Martin Scorsese.

To determine your mob nickname, you first need answer a few basic questions like what's your favorite era (Prohibition, Rat Pack, Swingin’ '60s) and what type of racket you’re involved in (bootlegging, bribery, money laundering). After you submit your choices, the site generates your nickname and your role in the mob. Whether you’re the “Big Tuna” who grew up on the streets, or the “Money Bags” who rose to power through any means necessary, just make sure your newfound persona doesn’t go to your head.

The Wannabe opens in theaters this Friday, December 4.