Have you ever needed to rest your head in your hands at work, but couldn't because it would take away from your productivity? If so, a company in Japan called Thanko Inc. has your back (or, rather, your face) with its product geared toward white collar workers. The "Agonose Arm" (as translated by Google) is an arm-and-hand combo that clamps to a desk, chair, or table to provide support for your cheek or chin while keeping your real arms free to type.

By adjusting the wrist and clamp of the arm, the user can decide how high or low his/her head should be, with ranges of motion between 180 and 360 degrees. According to the product listing, the hand is made of a urethane material that is "not too soft and not too hard." It is also curved to provide a more comfortable point of support.

This product seems more practical than a robotic arm alarm clock that slaps you awake, but you should still run it by your employer to be sure before placing an order.