Watch Nick Offerman Silently Drink Whisky for 45 Minutes

Dave Mangels/GettyImages

As a part of his ongoing collaboration with the global alcohol company Diageo, comedian and author Nick Offerman has appeared in several YouTube videos for a channel called "My Tales of Whisky Official." From shooting a music video, to reading poetry at The Oban Distillery in Scotland, Offerman uses his signature dry sense of humor and deadpan facial expression to promote the labels that Diageo imports.

In the latest installment, released on December 2, Offerman drinks Lagavulin whisky next to a yule log fireplace and stares into the camera for just under 45 minutes without saying a single word. Save for the occasional sip, head tilt, and a single refill, Offerman does not move in his leather seat. At the end of the video, he downs the rest of his whisky, stands, and leaves as information about Lagavulin appears on the screen. The video was viewed over 650,000 times in the first 24 hours, with hundreds of Youtubers sharing the timestamps of their favorite subtle moments in the comment section.

According to Men's Journal, there are more Lagavulin videos on the way from Offerman. Subscribe to the "My Tales of Whisky Official" channel to see them all.