These Tea Bags Transform into Goldfish in Your Mug

Michele Debczak
Amazon / Amazon

There’s no shortage of adorable loose-leaf tea infusers on the market, but the shapes of actual tea bags can feel a little uninspired. This one from the Taipei-based creative agency Charm Villa is different—using some clever fabric work, it transforms into a convincing goldfish after splashing into your mug. 

After 28 students from St. Johns University in Taipei perfected the design a few years back, the goldfish tea bags received their first limited launch in Taiwan. The bags are composed of Japanese fabric filled with one of four varieties of Taiwanese tea leaves, including rose oolong, ruby black, jin yuan, and Oriental beauty. The fish’s “body” swells up upon submersion, and the thread attached to its mouth can be tugged to make it appear as if it's swimming. 

The tea bags have been all the rage with Taiwanese tea-drinkers since their release, but it wasn’t until recently that they became available to American consumers through Amazon. The endearing beverage infusers don’t come cheap—a box of 12 costs $80, compared to just $35 in Taiwan. But the high price tag just means you're more likely to savor every sip. 

Images courtesy of Charm Villa via Amazon.

[h/t: Eater]