Thanks to streaming services and mobile devices, our film and television-watching experiences are more intimate than ever. Now the BBC is looking to make their programming even more personal by customizing shows to suit the tastes and personalities of each viewer.

Their newly unveiled “Visual Perceptive Media” project works by assessing the viewer’s music tastes and asking personality-based questions, both done via a mobile app. Using the data it gathers, it can customize a film with specific edits chosen to appeal to that individual’s preferences. The changes would make two users' viewing of the same program completely different: scenes might vary in length, certain characters’ perspectives may be prioritized over others, and the color grading and soundtrack could even be tailored to fit different tastes.

The BBC previously tested a similar project that customized radio programs based on the listener’s location and the time of day. Their new visual version is still in its experimental stages, and the BBC is currently working on an interactive prototype to make available to the public. 

[h/t: The Next Web]