Crimean Official's Response to Blackout: Name Your Sons 'Generator'

Kirstin Fawcett
iStock / iStock

If you think naming your kid “Valencia” after an Instagram filter is strange, then you’ll likely also be baffled by the name “Generator.”

In Russia-occupied Crimea, one official is proposing that citizens name their newborn sons Generator. Yes, as in the emergency backup power source. The name choice is meant to commemorate a blackout that’s left the country in the dark for two weeks now.

According to the Associated Press, an unknown party blew up electricity pylons in Ukraine last month, triggering a widespread power outage across Crimea. Since many are still without electricity, parliament speaker Vladimir Konstantinov reportedly tried to mark the occasion by saying that parents should name their sons “Generator” and their daughters “Sveta.” Fittingly, Sveta means “light”—and it’s much prettier than the suggested masculine alternative.

[h/t Associated Press]