This Animation Covers the Evolution of the Bicycle

Anna Green

It took 300 years of innovation and design to get us to the streamlined bicycles of today. From bulky 18th century velociferes and awkward 19th century dandy horses, to the modern racer, Thallis Vestergaard’s excellent “Evolution of the Bicycle” squeezes the entire visual history of two-wheeled riding machines into just over a minute of animation. 

The video, which features a catchy Benny Goodman score, shows how certain taken-for-granted bike features like handlebars and pedals were added on over the course of centuries. The video’s Vimeo page also includes a breakdown of the inventors and innovations that drove the bicycle’s evolution. Check out the video above, and visit the Vimeo page here for more information.

[h/t Gizmodo]

Banner Image Credit: Visual Artwork, Vimeo