Sport a Trendy Wooden Brooch From Your Favorite TV Show

Rebecca OConnell
kateslittlestore / kateslittlestore

English artist Kate Rowland makes ridiculously adorable wooden and printed goods. Her Etsy shop, kateslittlestore, sells charming brooches, necklaces, and earrings. The topics of her jewelry vary, but possibly the most fun pieces come from television shows like Parks and Recreation, Twin Peaks, and Breaking Bad

"My work is inspired by my love of space exploration, pop culture and science, as well as all my favourite TV shows and films," she wrote on her Etsy page. 

These pieces will make the perfect gift for anyone who is more than a little attached to their Netflix account. You can choose between Pawnee's Lil' Sebastian, Agent Cooper's damn fine coffee, Walter White's RV-turned-meth-lab, and more.