This Dating App Pairs You With a Beard to Stroke

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Further proving that there’s a dating service for every niche, there’s now an app that matches “those with beards to those who want to stroke beards.” Bristlr is being proclaimed the Tinder of the beard world, and it’s already made over a quarter of a million connections based on a shared passion for facial hair.

The app was launched as a social network and a dating service in October of last year, but most people were using it for the latter purpose. Bristlr’s founder, 28-year-old John Kershaw, told Konbini that the idea was initially a joke: “A year ago I was procrastinating at work, trying to think up a funny fake start-up idea; 'Uber for beard-fondling' was an obvious choice. I made a landing page with the name 'Bristlr' and the logo, and to my surprise people started signing up!"

Joining is simple: Just download the app, input your location, and specify whether you’re looking for a beard or have a beard to share. Users can immediately start browsing the best bearded and beard-loving singles in their area. And if this particular beard dating service doesn’t suit your fancy for some reason, it’s not your only option: You can also check out Beardiful and Lumberjack Match.

[h/t: Konbini]