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The Science Behind Why Your Brain Is All About That Bass

Caitlin Schneider

Regardless of your taste in music, there’s one thing we can all agree is the best: a good beat. The above video from The Verge takes a look at exactly why we find a thumping bass so darn irresistible.

In short (and perhaps predictably), it probably has something to do with the world we experience while inside the womb. When a fetus first starts to develop hearing abilities, low frequency sounds—mom's heartbeat, for example—come through loud and clear, while higher pitched noises from the outside are muffled. From there, a sense of rhythm becomes ingrained (yes, even for you, person who can’t clap on the beat) and continues to engender a visceral response in our bodies, which can change adrenaline and heart rate.

For more on how our brains are hardwired to enjoy a solid bass line, take a listen and a look at the video.