Watch This 4-Year-Old Gleefully Crash A Remote-Controlled Volvo Truck


A 4-year-old girl, a remote-controlled Volvo truck, and a driving course full of distractions and obstacles ... what could possibly go wrong? In a new live-test video for their Volvo FMX truck and its many features, Volvo hired a little girl named Sophie to be the official test driver on a closed course. 

Sophie used a remote control to maneuver the truck around the course, which contained a swinging crate pendulum, narrow turns, water hazards, and steep drops on the side of the path. After grinding the undercarriage on a wall, flipping down a cliff, and smashing through the wall of a brick house (grinning the whole time, obviously), she does eventually make it to the winner's circle, where she gets to do victory doughnuts with her oversized toy. Sophie is kept far away from danger the entire time, which makes the crash-filled video (set to "Cobrastyle" by Teddybears) a lot of fun to watch.