This Suitcase is Designed to Help You Safely Transport Wine


If you’ve ever taken a wine tour of California’s Sonoma County or France’s Bordeaux region, you’ve most likely wanted to take home a bottle (or five) to remember your vacation.

Avoid steep shipping fees—or broken glass, stained clothing, and other disasters that can result from transporting fragile bottles —with the VinGardeValise. The specially designed suitcase features a tough polycarbonate shell and thick, temperature-regulating foam that contains 12 bottle-sized cavities, made to fit a variety of wine types.

Once it’s loaded, the suitcase weighs between 43 and 50 pounds—meaning most domestic and international airlines won't charge you for overweight baggage. And if you’re returning from vacation with just one or two bottles, simply remove part of the lining and the VinGardeValise can perform double duty and serve as a standard suitcase.

Retailing for $269.99, the VinGardeValise might be a brilliant holiday gift for the wine enthusiast in your life. Learn more about its wine-transporting properties in the video above.

All images courtesy of VinGarde Valise.

[h/t Condé Nast Traveler]