This Animation Sizes Up Every Vehicle From the Original Star Wars Trilogy

Andrew LaSane

In the original Star Wars films, judging the scale of vehicles can be difficult. We get general clues throughout the trilogy (AT-ATs are bigger than snowspeeders, the Death Star is the size of a moon, etc.), but there is no garage scene that shows every ship relative to the others. Illustrator Scott Park has created this animated infographic that puts everything into perspective and settles the "Does size matter?" debate once and for all.

Using a Stormtrooper as the baseline (probably because they were all around the same height), Park created individual illustrations of the 48 vehicles that appear in George Lucas' universe. He then put them in size order from Ewok gliders to the Death Star, creating an animation where larger ships float above the others. To make the infographic even cooler, Park also included living vehicles in his lineup to show the stature of Tauntauns, Banthas, and Rontos.

To see more of Park's work, check out his Tumblr, which is brimming with cool pop culture illustrations.


[h/t Sploid]