The Postal Service Wants to Send You Mail Via Email

Michele Debczak
iStock / iStock

We’re still a ways off before paper mail disappears for good, but you may soon be receiving more of your deliveries on the computer. The U.S. Postal Service is testing a new feature called Informed Delivery that emails recipients black-and-white photos of their letter-size mail each morning.

If you’ve received letters that day, the USPS sends you an email by 11 a.m. that includes pictures of any envelopes that were processed. The service allows users to "check their mail" when they’re away on vacation, or when they’re home and don’t feel like walking outside. Up to 10 parcels can be viewed in an email message and additional items can be checked on the same online dashboard where users track packages. After testing the service in Northern Virginia starting in 2014, the Postal Service is now expanding Informed Delivery to the New York metro area. They’re considering introducing it to even more places next year, but until then the rest of the country will be stuck checking their mailboxes as well as their inboxes every morning.

[h/t: Vanity Fair]