How to Save a Bottle of Spoiled Wine for Just One Cent

Shaunacy Ferro

Any moderate wine drinker has let a bottle go for just a little too long. But an old wine’s pungent bouquet is no reason to shy away from a bottle you’ve spent perfectly good money on, is it?

The American Chemical Society’s new video series Chemistry Life Hacks has a solution to this problem: a penny. 

Drop a penny into a glass of less-than-fresh wine (by all means, wash it thoroughly first) and the drink will take on a much more palatable aroma and taste. The copper in the penny reacts with the thiols (sulfur compounds) that give spoiled wine its stink. The reaction produces copper sulfide, an odorless compound. The trick also works with a silver spoon, if a penny just seems too gross for you. 

The kitchen hacks web series has two other practical instruction videos so far, including a guide to sharpening your knife without a sharpener and how to tell how hot your oven really is inside.

Banner image via iStock