LeBron James Gets His Own Font

Rebecca OConnell

Basketball players have long been marketing and branding mavens, endorsing everything from shoes to video games to sodas. It's not too far a stretch, then, that LeBron James is getting his own font.

The font, which will be appearing on and around LeBron's Nike merchandise, was created by typography studio Sawdust. The London-based duo have also collaborated with Nike to create fonts for basketball players Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant.

"How it’s used by Nike is open, we imagine it’s likely to be consumer marketing and possibly merchandise. LeBron James’ world domination, that sort of thing," Sawdust's Rob Gonzalez tells designboom.

Gonzalez and his partner Jonathan Quainton wanted to give the typeface a sense of "kingliness." LeBron has an existing logo that features an "L," "J," and a crown, which refers to his nickname, "King James." The typographers wanted to convey this nickname in the font.

[h/t: designboom]