The Self-Drying Jacket From Back to the Future Part II Is Finally Here


The world has been waiting impatiently for auto-lacing sneakers and self-drying jackets since 1989 when Marty McFly first wore them in Back to the Future II. Cut to 2015, and our technological prayers have been answered. Nike gifted Michael J. Fox with the first ever pair of auto-lacing Nike MAGs back in October, and now you can pre-order your own self-drying jacket from a wearable tech company called Falyon.

For those unfamiliar with the sequel, when McFly travels through time from 1985 to 2015, he encounters a world that has made major technological advances. In addition to hoverboards and holograms, McFly finds that the fashions of the future are very different, including a jacket with a built-in system for keeping the wearer dry. Falyon has developed a working replica of the jacket and has recently launched a Kickstarter project to help fund production of the iconic outerwear. The SDJ-01 boasts exhaust vents, a power cell, a power switch, and air amplifiers, plus a few standard features, like, you know, pockets.


Kickstarter // Falyon


One feature that BTTF fans will notice is not included in the Falyon model is the ability for the jacket to adjust the length of the sleeves to match its owner, but the drying technology may be enough to sway them. With a Kickstarter donation of at least $149, you can reserve your limited edition jacket in charcoal black, cobalt blue, metallic silver, or titanium white, and for $10 extra you can reserve a special edition jacket in a classic red-and-black combo, like the one from the film.

The crowdfunding project has managed to raise over $4700 with only 24 backers, and at the time of this post, has two and a half weeks left to raise the remaining $7300 of its goal. Click through to Kickstarter if you want to help make this 26-year-old fantasy come true.