Krispy Kreme Turns Delicious Glaze Curtain Into a Scannable Barcode


Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the glaze! For fans of sweet treats, there are few things as satisfying as watching the sheet of sugary glaze pass over warm donuts at Krispy Kreme. Every year on December 12, the chain celebrates an unofficial holiday called Day of the Dozens, when customers who purchase a dozen glazed donuts can receive another dozen for free. This year, to promote the sweet deal, Krispy Kreme got creative with the format of the coupons.

The company and the North Carolina-based Baldwin& agency rigged a glazing machine so that the curtain of glaze forms a barcode, according to Adweek. "The barcode is made of bars of steel, caliper measured and laser cut to exactly match the computer generated 2D barcode," Baldwin& Art Director Jimmie Blount tells mental_floss. "Those metal bars were then welded to the glazer and painted black. Turn the glazer on and you’ve got a barcode...Lighting and shooting the barcode was really important and our video production partners, Remedy, made sure that the barcode was captured perfectly. Everything you see in the video is practical, in camera."

On the Day of the Dozens, customers can open the video on their smartphones and have a cashier at participating Krispy Kreme locations scan the dripping barcode for the buy-one-get-one offer.

The actual barcode video (above) will keep you staring and drooling for three long minutes, or you can watch the GIF below forever. And if that isn't enough, check out Adweek's behind-the-scenes video here