Designer Makes Balloon Furniture You Can Actually Sit On

Anna Green
Seungjin Yang
Seungjin Yang / Seungjin Yang

Seungjin Yang

makes your typical vibrant party balloon creations—only, his inflatable creations never pop or deflate. The Seoul-based designer has constructed a collection of colorful balloon furniture that he calls "Blowing Series," taking ephemeral childhood memories, and turning them into durable chairs, stools, and sofas.

Yang makes his balloon furniture out of real balloons, inflating and shaping them into chair shapes, according to Design Boom. He then coats them repeatedly in epoxy resin until they’re hard enough to sit on. The epoxy also gives the balloon furniture its glossy, shiny finish. Check out his work below.

[h/t: Design Boom]

All Images Courtesy of Seungjin Yang.