Japan Now Has Chocolate in Sliced Form

Bourbon / Bourbon

If you’ve ever wished your chocolate looked more like a Kraft single, you’re in luck. The Japanese candy company Bourbon is now producing chocolate that comes in individual slices.

Each two-millimeter thick square is made from Japanese “nama chocolate,” which is described as tasting richer than milk chocolate but not as sweet as fudge. Its shape makes it ideal for draping over a hot waffle or pancake so it can melt to gooey perfection. The slices can also be rolled into dessert sushi, tucked into a crepe, or stamped out with cookie cutters to make delectable designs.

Packs of five slices are available in Japanese supermarkets, but they can also be purchased in bulk online. You can order a dozen packages or more from Bourbon’s website.

Images Courtesy of Bourbon.

[h/t Rocket News 24]