Take Handheld Gaming to the Next Level With These Miniature Arcade Machines

Tiny Circuits
Tiny Circuits / Tiny Circuits

Between smartphones and handheld consoles, portable gaming is more accessible than ever. Now you can even relive the nostalgia of '80s arcade games on a device that fits in the palm of your hand.

The Tiny Arcade from Tiny Circuits looks and plays like an old-school arcade cabinet built for someone three inches tall. It includes a tiny joystick, a tiny button, a speaker, and a full-color OLED display. Powered by an Arduino board and a USB-chargeable lithium battery, the device comes preloaded with arcade-style games like Tiny Invaders, Flappy Birdz, and Asteroids. All the games are free and open source, and users can play games made by the community or create one of their own. New games can be uploaded into your library from a micro SD card that's inserted into the arcade’s expansion slot. This method can be used to upload videos as well—the system includes a free app that allows users to convert .MP4 files into a format that's compatible with the system. 

The cases for the mini cabinets come in black acrylic, clear acrylic, basswood, and 3D-printed plastic. You can also print a design of your own for a case that’s truly one-of-a-kind. The project has little over a week left in its Kickstarter campaign and has already raised $61,892 of the $25,000 goal. Backers can preorder their own Tiny Arcade with a pledge of $60 or more with delivery estimated for March of next year. 

Images courtesy of Tiny Circuits via Kickstarter.

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