Watch This Craftsman Turn Sticks of Wood Into Christmas Tree Sculptures


Your lights, tinsel, wreaths, and stockings have probably already been hung (by the chimney with care), but there's nothing wrong with getting a creative start on next year's decorations. The video above shows how a woodworker created beautiful tree sculptures using only a piece of wood, a chisel, and expert precision.

The craftsman in question works for Seiffener Folk Art, a German-based company that makes and sells a collection of handmade wooden objects, including classic nutcrackers, Santa figures, and candle holders. The tree sculptures, called Spanbäumes (which translates to "spanning trees"), range in size from about two to 39 inches. The company also sells the Spanlockenstern ("chip curling star") and the Spanzapfen (or "chucking spigot"), handmade sculptures that are made with similar chiseling techniques.

Each of the items is currently available for purchase via the company's website.

Seiffener Volkskunst

Banner image via YouTube