This Dog-Shaped Scratching Post Offers an Outlet for Dog-Hating Felines

Michele Debczak
Erik Stehmann
Erik Stehmann / Erik Stehmann

When dogs and cats live under the same roof, things can get pretty tense. To prevent cats from taking out their canine-based frustrations on the real thing, pet owners can now purchase dog-shaped scratching posts for their kitties. 

The playful scratching post is the work of Netherlands-based designer Erik Stehmann. On his website, the product is described as being “The way for cats to release their frustrations on their ‘natural enemy!’” The figure is made from rope that’s been meticulously glued to the dog-shaped base inch-by-inch, guaranteeing a long, scratch-filled life. The original model stands 2 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs 33 pounds. For cats who are especially evil, there’s also a puppy-sized version that’s just 1.5 feet tall. The ultimate kitty scratching post doesn’t come cheap: the original version costs about $715 while the smaller size goes for $385. If you're looking to spoil your cat this holiday season—or help them manage their anger issues—you can purchase a post here.

Images courtesy of Erik Stehmann.

[h/t: Lost at E Minor]