Gorgeous Images of Iliamna Lake, Home of One of the World's Largest Salmon Runs

Anna Green

Iliamna Lake is the largest lake in Alaska, and home to both the only freshwater seal population in the United States and the world’s largest red salmon run. Stretching 77 miles across southwest Alaska, the massive lake is famous for its clear waters and breathtaking beauty (as well as for the legendary “Iliamna Lake Monster” that may inhabit its depths). 

In Above Iliamna, research scientist and photographer Jason Ching has captured stunning aerial images of the lake and its inhabitants. As his camera flies over the surface of the water, schools of salmon congregate, while seals paddle along in the lake's shallows. Ching, who works with the Alaska Salmon Program, has been capturing images of Lake Iliamna’s salmon since 2007. He’s interested in both research and preservation, and hopes his photography inspires more people to care about nature conservation. Check out his wonderful tribute to Lake Iliamna above.

[h/t: PetaPixel]

Banner Image Credit: Jason Ching, Vimeo