Designers Transform Internet Routers Into Pieces of Art

OnHub / OnHub

Even if you consider yourself a master of interior decoration, it’s hard to make an internet router look appealing. But Google is determined to turn the Wi-Fi device into something you don't have to hide by enlisting the help of artists and designers.

The folks behind Google's router, OnHub, recently teamed up with the networking product provider TP-LINK to create a set of three interchangeable shells, allowing owners to customize their routers according to their tastes. Through a project called OnHub Makers, the company also called upon artists to create out-of-the-box designs for each of the colored shells. Released online earlier this week, the finished products range from classy to whimsical. A few of the minds behind the creations include the Brooklyn design team Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao and the award-winning artist Maya Freelon Asante.

After seeing the designs, OnHub hopes that customers will get ideas about how to transform the shells into statement pieces of their own. They can be customized by hand, or they can be embellished with 3D or 2D-printed designs. OnHub is even providing CAD files and 2D outlines through their website, which users can download and fine-tune themselves. But if you’re looking to keep things simple, the basic shells are available from $29 in bamboo, black and silver, and white and gold. You can check out the designs from the OnHub Makers project below.

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