Add a Sound-Absorbing Wall Anywhere With This Modular System

Andrew LaSane
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Plasterboard walls and room dividers can be ugly to look at, not to mention difficult to install and even harder to take down when the time comes. London-based design agency Layer is hoping to solve those issues with a new sound-absorbing modular system called Scale that is environmentally friendly, easy to build, and ideal for space customization.

After three years of development and 15 prototyping stages, Layer's Benjamin Hubert created a system that uses an injection-moulded ABS frame (plastic inserted into moulds to create exact pieces quickly) with pressed and recycled hemp tiles that absorb sound and are attached with magnets. Unlike other commercial room dividers that come fully assembled, or walls that have to be built by contractors and then painted, Scale is a fully contained system that uses polymer bolts instead of nails and rivets, so there's no mess; it comes in different colors, so no painting is necessary. It was developed for Woven Image, an Australian wholesale textile design and interior finishes company, which recently used it and other products currently in development to build a display at the Hong Kong Indesign 2015 event.

Woven Image has not yet announced when the system will be available for purchase or what the retail price will be.


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