Now You Can Calculate the Worth of Your Spare Time

Shaunacy Ferro /

Time is money, as they say. But the value of your time depends on how much you earn in your working hours, and how much you’d be willing to pay for the privilege of not waiting around. Finn, an Oslo-based online marketplace (kind of like a Norwegian Craigslist), created an adorably designed spare time calculator that determines how much your time is worth based on how you spend your day, and how much you’d be willing to pay to get out of time-consuming, terrible tasks.

You’ll need to plug in how many hours you work and sleep during the day, and how much you earn every month. You’ll also need to do some soul searching: how long would you stand in line for a $100 gift certificate? How much would you pay for a cab if the next bus wasn’t coming for two hours? How much would you pay to avoid sorting screws for two hours? How much overtime would you demand to work over a holiday?

Compute the financial merit of your being (or just play around) here.

[h/t: Note to Self]