“Draw” 3D Creations With This Hardening Gel Pen

CreoPop via Youtube
CreoPop via Youtube / CreoPop via Youtube

If you’ve grown tired of drawing flat pictures that are confined to a two-dimensional page, now’s your chance to bring your art into the real world. The CreoPop pen works like a regular writing tool, only its creations literally pop off the page and into the three-dimensional world.

CreoPop first appeared on Indiegogo last year, where it raised more than quadruple its funding goal. Now for the first time, the pen is available commercially in stores for anyone to purchase and test out for themselves. 

What separates CreoPop from 3D pens released in the past is its heat-free gel drawing system. The thick pen is filled with a photopolymer gel that’s hardened by three safe UV lights the moment it leaves the tip. This allows artists to use the pen to create 3D sculptures similar to how they would illustrate figures on the page. The pen draws in three colors: red, orange, and blue. For $130, customers get the pen, three ink cartridges, interchangeable drawing tips of various sizes, and a USB charging cord. It also comes with a 4-by-4-inch drawing pad to serve as a canvas for your art. While CreoPop drawings exist in real space and not on a page, the pad is helpful for moving your work once it’s complete. You can find the CreoPop at Best Buy or you can preorder one from the company's website. Check out more of the pen's eye-popping creations below. 

Images courtesy of CreoPop.

[h/t: Mashable]