How Astronauts See Earth

Chris Higgins
YouTube // The Royal Institution
YouTube // The Royal Institution / YouTube // The Royal Institution

Right now, six people are on the International Space Station. At this moment, any of them could be looking down and seeing earth from a perspective that's exceedingly rare in human experience.

In this video from The Royal Institution, a series of ISS crew members narrate their first experience looking at earth from space. Settle in and just listen to these rare humans who have seen our home planet from space, and learn what that perspective means to them.

Featured: Michael Barratt, Helen Sharman, Jean-François Clervoy, and Daniel Tani.

My favorite line: "You believe that earth is a spaceship. You can't avoid a comparison between earth looking as a finite object in front of your eyes, and your own spaceship, which is closed, with limited resources; all humankind, being part of the same unique crew." -Jean-François Clervoy

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