Insert Yourself Into Classic Novels With This Website

Rebecca OConnell
Screenshot, Bookü.nyc
Screenshot, Bookü.nyc / Screenshot, Bookü.nyc

If you've ever dreamed of starring in your own book—or more specifically, diving into the life of an already existing character—you finally have your chance. Bookü is a website that lets you personalize classic literature. Simply enter in your name, and you can appear in classics like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Anne of Green Gables, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. For added fun, you can also change the names of other characters, so you can meet up with your high school friend Greg over a cup of tea on your very merry unbirthday. 

After popping in your elected names, you can then add a picture of yourself on the back to wrap everything up in a nice narcissistic bow. When the rewrite is done, you can actually buy the books and have them shipped to you. Which means that in no time at all, you'll be curled up with that freshly-bound tome, reading all about your adventures along the Mississippi River or in Wonderland.

[h/t: Creative Review]