Moscow's Cemeteries Are Getting Wi-Fi

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In addition to the tombs of Chekov, Khrushchev, and Gogol, Moscow’s historic cemeteries will soon boast a new—and slightly unconventional—tourist attraction: free Wi-Fi.

According to The Week, officials from city hall have announced that they plan to expand Internet access to Moscow’s three largest cemeteries. They’re not hoping for the graveyards to replace cafes, but they do think that Wi-Fi will encourage visitors to look up the biographies of some of the famous people buried there. (Two of the cemeteries are already outfitted with GPS systems that allow people to locate illustrious resting places.) If all goes well, authorities say they will expand Internet access to the city’s remaining 133 cemeteries, the Guardian reports.

Moscow’s public transportation systems already have Wi-Fi, as do some of its parks. NPR writes that people have already dubbed the new service “Die-Fi”—an indicator that while technology has taken over most aspects of our lives, plugging in while you're surrounded by the dead is generally frowned upon.

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