I Am the Computer Man

Chris Higgins
YouTube // Prautz
YouTube // Prautz / YouTube // Prautz

"I am the computer man. I can do anything you can." Set your time machines for 1985 and enjoy this extended version of an oddly catchy Canadian kids' classic. An explanation is below the video, but for right now, welcome to your new jam.

What Did I Just Watch?

We're gonna have to go way back to explain this one. In 1985, Vid Kids aired on the CBC. The most memorable segments featured actor Bob Schneider hosting Computer Man segments, doing a robot voice and getting a studio audience of kids to ask questions of Computer Man, who was edited in later. When Computer Man needed to dance for the music video-style intro or emote an answer, mime/dancer Peter Jarvis stepped in to perform Computer Man. (These days, Jarvis performs as "Silver Elvis.")

Jump to 2:08 in the following video for a sample Q&A with Computer Man, and feel the 1985 awesomeness (followed by a classic TV rap segment around 4:25):

Computer Man, he is your friend.

[h/t Waxy.]