Call Dial-A-Carol and Someone Will Sing You a Holiday Song


The University of Illinois knows that the holidays can be frustrating, and sometimes all you need to hear is a reassuring carol—no matter what time of day. And that's where Dial-a-Carol comes in.

Dial-a-Carol is a 24/7 caroling hotline where student volunteers living in Snyder Hall man the phones, taking holiday song requests from callers. According to The Washington Post, office secretary Betty Gordon and the residents of Snyder Hall started the tradition in 1960 (when the dorm was all-male), singing for some callers and playing records for others. The goal back then was to spread holiday cheer on campus, but now, the service—which is in its 56th season and occurs during finals week—takes requests from callers around the globe. Last year, students sang more than 6800 carols, and this year, according to their Facebook page, they're already at 7285. Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" is a popular request—it was sung 339 times last year.

Dial-a-Carol runs until December 16; the number is (217) 332-1882.

[h/t The Washington Post]