Proposed Airplane Design Lets You Sit In a Viewing Bubble Atop the Cabin

Kirstin Fawcett

A U.S. aerospace technology company called Wingspan is trying to give the phrase “window seat” a whole new meaning. According to CNN, they’ve filed a patent for a viewing dome called SkyDeck that lets travelers sit on top of a plane instead of inside of it.

Passengers would take an elevator or a staircase up to a small, clear capsule resembling a bubble. Installed over the plane’s cabin, the rotating transparent chamber would provide one to two individuals with a panoramic view of the heavens.

The SkyDeck hasn’t been tested yet, but its manufacturers say that the design would work on private and commercial planes alike without interfering with the craft’s function. They also say that SkyDeck would be fashioned from materials used in supersonic fighter jets, and treated with anti-condensation film and a UV-protection coating. That way, passengers wouldn’t have to worry about natural elements or other unexpected hazards ruining their voyage—or their view.

No word yet on if or when SkyDeck will be approved, or whether the design will ever make it to an airport near you. However, you can learn more about the technology in the video above.

All images courtesy of YouTube.

[h/t CNN]