This Population Map of Finland’s Bears is a Colorful Ursine Cuddlefest

Caitlin Schneider

Courtesy of Annukka Makijarvi // Click to enlarge

Population maps—while valuable and interesting tools—are a dime a dozen. Bear population maps are rarer, and adorable bear population maps are essentially a treasure for the animal/data/design nerds among us.

Finnish designer Annukka Makijarvi has created a map called “The Magnificent Bears of the Glorious Nation of Finland” (she has a knack for naming, too) that colorfully shows the bear population in the country around the year 2010. The colors correspond to bears per 1000 square kilometers—green means fewer and red means more. According to the map, there are about 1600 bears in the country, a number that jibes with other estimates.

It’s a fitting tribute to Finland’s noble national animal.

[h/t Vox]