This Vintage School Bus Was Transformed Into a Cool Mobile Home

Andrew LaSane
skoolielove on Imgur
skoolielove on Imgur / skoolielove on Imgur

Living in a school bus hasn't been on trend since the 1960s and '70s, but if all school buses looked this cool then it could definitely catch on again. A man in California named Patrick Schmidt wanted to build a live-in roadtrip vehicle, so he bought a big blue bus from a church in Long Beach and got to work with his father converting it into a custom condo on wheels, complete with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, air conditioning, and a rooftop deck.

Schmidt documented the entire tear down and remodeling process on Instagram and Imgur, from ripping out the seats and grinding off thousands of ceiling rivets, to putting in the wood floors and adding plumbing. Mashable reports that Schmidt purchased the bus for $4500 and put another $9000 into it over the course of the project. When the mobile home was completed, he began a 10,000-mile roadtrip across 30 states. He told Metro UK that he plans to stay in Florida until March 2016 before heading back to Las Vegas and eventually Seattle.

Check out some of the progress photos from Schmidt's social media accounts below to see how his new home was built.

Images via Imgur / Instagram