These Photographs Take You on a Tour of the World's Cathedrals

Kirstin Fawcett
Richard Silver
Richard Silver / Richard Silver

From Bristol to Beijing, the world’s churches and cathedrals boast stunning architectural details. Thanks to their elaborately painted murals, stained glass windows, and vaulted ceilings, no two centers of worship look exactly alike.

For the past four years, New York City-based photographer Richard Silver has traveled the globe, taking pictures of far-flung religious centers across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. He shoots multiple images inside each church interior, and uses Photoshop to fuse them together into one breathtaking panoramic picture.

The final result is a vertiginous snapshot that gives you a 360-degree view of each church without having to tilt your head. Check out a sampling of Silver’s work below, or visit his website for more information.

Cathedral of Christ the King in Johannesburg, South Africa

Piarist Church of the Transfiguration in Krakow, Poland

Cathedral of the Holy Name in Mumbai

Parrocchia di Santa Maria in Portico, Campitelli, Rome

Hallgrímskirkja Church in Reykjavik, Iceland

Church Nazionale Argentina in Rome

St. Ignatius Cathedral in Shanghai, China

St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City

St. Monica’s Church in New York City

All photos courtesy of Richard Silver Photo.

[h/t Hyperallergic]