You Can Now Buy Bacon-Scented Underwear

J&D Foods
J&D Foods / J&D Foods

In a world where you can buy bacon soap, bacon ice cream, and bacon vodka, it should come as no surprise that bacon-scented undies are also on the market. J&D Foods, the maker of Bacon Salt, is now attempting to break into the intimates industry with these unconventional undergarments.

The apparel is available in the form of boxers or briefs, each with a picture of bacon strips and an invitation to “stop and smell" them emblazoned suggestively across the front. According to a press release, the underwear is manufactured using "state of the art moisture-wicking, scent-emission technology stolen from NASA.” The scent can apparently withstand multiple washings and last up to a year.

While the smell of bacon has proven to be almost universally appealing to those of the human persuasion, J&D Foods warns that it could potentially attract the interest of unwanted parties as well. Mail carriers, zookeepers, dog walkers, circus performers, and veterinarians are strongly urged to pass on this particular product. And if you decide to wear them while taking a hike through the woods, they suggest bringing along some protection, just in case a bear catches a whiff. You can buy your own pair of bacon underwear from J&D’s website.