Bring a Patch of the Sky Inside With This Special Light

Rebecca OConnell
fabrica / fabrica

Separated friends and partners have long been comforted by that fact that no matter the distance, they will always be looking up at the same sky. Now, Italian studio Fabrica has taken this idea a step further. Their project, Patch of Sky, lets you share your specific sky view with your loved one. Thanks to geolocation, the prototype can mirror the sky above you in real time, meaning your loved ones can see a representation of what you're seeing—and feel that much closer to you.

The lamp takes your location from Facebook and projects a color specific to the weather in your area. For example, sunny is bright yellow, cloudy is bluish white, and hot is red; there are 11 colored animations in all.

Patch of Sky comes in three sizes, all of which can be hung on a wall or placed on a desk. Each size is named after an Egyptian weather god: Amun (god of wind), Set (god of storms), and Tefnut (goddess of rain).

To learn more about the lamp, click on over to Fabrica's website.

[h/t: Fubiz]