This Rapper Can't Stop Writing Songs About His Cats


Portland, Oregon-based rapper Moshow is “chilling in a cat world.” The musician has been called a “cat rapper” by the press, and has written several hip-hop odes to his three hairless Sphinx cats, Sushi, Megamam, and Tali.

In an interview with Animal Planet earlier this year, Moshow explained that he wants to spread positivity and an appreciation for cats—even the funny-looking ones. “I’ve been rapping since I was 16. I rap all day everyday; I just can’t turn it off,” he told Animal Planet. “I LOVE CATS and I’m extremely close with mine. Sushi and I are best friends.” 

He chose his hairless Sphinx cats specifically for their strange beauty: “I've always been kind of the weird guy and they've been considered the weird cats,” the rapper told Willamette Week

Moshow, whose real name is Dwayne Molock, produces his own music videos, in which his three cats inevitably play a large role. His songs seem to center around his love of cats, as well as his love for anyone who loves cats. He just might be the ultimate rapper for hip hop-loving ailurophiles.

Check out his love letter to all the cats of the world, “Cat World,” above; and below, view his ode to the cats of Portland, Oregon, “Cats in Portland.”

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Banner Image Credit, iammoshow, Youtube