Don’t Get Screwed, Get dopl


This post is brought to you by dopl

We’ve all had those nights when we go out ready to have the time of our lives at a cool new bar … but then we walk in and realize that it was nothing like we had envisioned. We weren’t vibing with the music, the drinks were subpar, and we were just not feeling it. Think of how much easier life would be if you could avoid those frustrating and uncomfortable experiences. Stop relying on those worthless review apps and stick to something that caters to your preferences.

dopl isn’t your typical review database full of whiny complaints from childish patrons nor is it just a mindless search tool; it takes the time to personalize your experience and find the bars, restaurants and places you are actually searching for. With the help of its intelligent custom “doplrithm,” dopl uses your profile info and reviews to match you to your virtual “doplgangers.” Avoid getting screwed by those random diatribes and reviews, and find your new favorite go-to restaurant and bar with dopl.

Instead of giving users free license to write gratuitous, wordy reviews, dopl lets users leave feedback with just a few quick swipes. Unfiltered, unbothered, and rant-free; dopl is the one app that will help you find the right place at the right time. You can download dopl at the App Store or Google Play Store today.

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