Watch as London’s Tube Is Recreated With Over 1500 Chocolates


Even if you’re not native to the city, you’ll likely still appreciate this map of London’s Tube system recreated entirely from chocolates.

In honor of the holiday season, the staff of local magazine Londonist bought 42 boxes of Quality Street chocolates—a brand that’s especially popular in Britain around Christmas. They then organized the foil-wrapped candies by color to represent the full rainbow of London’s Tube network, using 1563 chocolates in total. The Overground, often nicknamed the “Ginger Line,” was assembled exclusively with orange creams, and the purple Metropolitan Line was made using hazelnut caramels wrapped with the color. As you can see from the video above, the final result is an impressively accurate—and decadent—representation of London’s public transit system.

[h/t: City Lab]